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Flat Design Is An Emerging Trend for the Year 2021

Flat Design Is An Emerging Trend for the Year 2021

Design trends have been more focused on flat design nowadays. I originally learned how to create a flat design while in college. Things with simplicity were widely used at the time. It’s amazing how it has been spreading worldwide today. The article quoted:

Flat design is so commonplace now, especially in digital imagery, that you likely don’t notice it — and that’s entirely the point.

Flat design features bright colors, two-dimensional illustrations, and limited visual details, thus eliminating visual noise.

Mostly, I enjoy flat design because it is fast to execute and easy to create. Most importantly, the client is delighted to see the simple and straightforward idea when it is presented to them.

Simple is the best, as we have always heard.


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Retro art in THE SECRET SOCIETY article

Retro art in THE SECRET SOCIETY article

A recent Email I received, spoke of how dry brushing can be used to add details to retro artwork. As I recall when I was a kid, I was fascinated by comic books, and often the way they do those kinds of artwork amazes me. The article described how the illustrator created these pieces using tactile textures in the art brush.

With its matte finish, gouache is perfect for adding colored pencil tones and texture as well as using pencils and small dry round brushes. Many of these eye-catching paintings were created on tight deadlines. And they are done with ink and watercolor for quick output.

Boys’ Life Inspirational Images | RetroSupply Co.



Bruno Daily – LINE stickers | LINE STORE

Bruno Daily

We are all told, live your life to the fullest. Bruno is here to do that. In Bruno, my passions and ideas are being projected. As a result, I have drawn him to keep the happy moments we spend together. I love his positivity and his wholeheartedness.

I have a gorgeous puppy named Bruno. He expresses himself in many ways. It is fun to have him here in Texas.

Dis is Bruno in real life.