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About Dynamic Sketching

About Dynamic Sketching

Dynamic Sketching 動態素描 動態速寫

The course I took was called 動態素描/動態速寫 while I was in college. Each time, the model moved and then changed a pose once every five minutes. Having been a student of an online sketching class recently, I recognized the hand drawing from the class and picked up my pen again to begin the hand drawing myself. The experience was enjoyable and self-contained. During the process of drawing by hand, there can be so much feeling mixed in. Later, I discovered dynamic sketching by Peter Han, Dynamic Bible. Those following the dynamic sketching/draw a box methodology will find this book to be an important reference.

I’m following these artists:

  • Kim Jung Gi
Gi's Perspective - The World through the eyes of Korean Artist Kim Jung Gi:  Art
  • Peter Han
Dynamic Bible – PeterHanStyle
  • Sorie Kim
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  • Space Drawing: Perspective by Dong Ho Kim
Space Drawing: Perspective by Dong Ho Kim – Superani US