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Font set of lower case letter, numbers and symbols.

Another fonts set was lower case letter, numbers and symbols. Although it maybe difficult to define the location and size in lower case letter, the glyphs are still able to adjust to a consistent body size in Font Creator program .

jQuery Photo Gallery

The web page is a Galleria photo gallery. Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creating beautiful image galleries for the web and mobile devices. I like it very simple to manage the content, I think I will use it again for...

Thematic Text with interactive HTML5 Slider

It's a  a thematic text I made, I used Leopard-Coat-Fur texture to do this fur-themed text effect. I have never known it can be so easy to make a text effect like this until I learned this tutorial. I like the texture I found and the extreme simple brushes polished...

Cover artwork for SLAM.

  Here are my two Student Literary Arts Magazine cover artworks and one color Folios. I picked two artworks that I created in Art101 and Art 201 classes. Then I used the skills that I learned in Photography, Photoshop and llustrator classes to put the artworks...
Vinyl cut out

Vinyl cut out

Yeah!  they are my boys. Both my boys  recognized themselves after I applied the sticker on their door. It is...

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