Thematic Text with interactive HTML5 Slider

Thematic text images -Click to HTML5 page

Thematic text images – finished Click to HTML5 page

It’s a  a thematic text I made, I used Leopard-Coat-Fur texture to do this fur-themed text effect. I have never known it can be so easy to make a text effect like this until I learned this tutorial. I like the texture I found and the extreme simple brushes polished the edges have made the texture more naturalistic.


Cover artwork for SLAM.

Student Literary Arts Magazine cover artwork and one color Folio.

Student Literary Arts Magazine cover artwork and one color Folio.


Here are my two Student Literary Arts Magazine cover artworks and one color Folios. I picked two artworks that I created in Art101 and Art 201 classes. Then I used the skills that I learned in Photography, Photoshop and llustrator classes to put the artworks together. I am pretty happy about what I have made so far, it is a blessing to have my own creation on the book cover.

A 4 page web site using a Content Management System

Click here go to the web site: https://sandyshihtingnewman.wordpress.com/

This weekend, I was sitting at my desk with my laptop in order to build up a web site in wordpress. I was hatching ideas for the web site using a Content Management System. I noticed that wordpress is just another blog system. (Although wordpress has much better appearance by using different theme.)

Next thing I knew, I had category function set up in pages so I could use it to classify my different art works. Which got me thinking, I am going to make a portfolio on wordprss.

Creating an email newsletter

So this week, I was doing an E-mail newsletter layout. By using the three images and text supplied, the layout was totally made with  table-based html in Dreamwaver. As soon as I finished, I mailed it out with my Google mail box. I am a liitle anxious about how much design that I may plan to add inside of this assignment, I wonder how my classmates will do.

Creating an Interactive Infographic PDF

It is an Interactive Infographic PDF I created with Illustrator and Indesign. I was drawing one of my favorite dogs.I looked at her and thought about what was her feeling.
During dinner time, my dog, NiuNiu,  came to sniff around my feet and scratch on my leg, then I figured out this assignment idea. So I went to my laptop to start drawing her fat body and her puppy dog eyes. The layout graphic basically created in Illustrator then save as web to PNG file and place into Indesign to finish interactive part. The button was functioned by Indesign . The goal is make it like an interactive interface, in fact, it made up of six pages, when people click the button, it goes to different pages.
I like to do this kind of interactive assignments because Indesign make it’s process so easy to do.
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