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Still life digital painting

For the first time, I painted a still life on the computer. It was interesting to switch brushes between sizes ,shapes and opacity. I like the fact that it is not messy compare with using real paint. There were a lot of blending during the process, and it’s a cool experience to do this painting. The final artwork actually looks like a really brush painting artwork and I like it.

What am I doing?

One of my favorite kitchen still life painting.

A couple years ago, I decided to flip my future life script. Instead of being a stay at home mom, I started a new challenge to earn a college degree in the United State. Since I studied at a traditional art school previously, I fell in love with creating wonderful things. Today, computer science was the hottest trends for digital transformation. Pencil and brushes aren’t the only tool for  art creation. I sensed to learn more diverse skills in order to survive in design industrial. The road to study in Digital Design was began since then. After my studies in Digital Design, the more I have evolved, the more passion I have for graphic design. I’ve enjoy the playing with color palette ,studying web languages, and organizing between different layouts during the assignments.
For the future, I am looking for the kind of job that would wanted me to do something special but not invariable, significant but not shallow, fancy but not elaborate. And I always have a little pride and joy in mind, “Did you make these design? ” when people ask.

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