jQuery Photo Gallery

The web page is a Galleria photo gallery. Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creating beautiful image galleries for the web and mobile devices. I like it very simple to manage the content, I think I will use it again for other photo gallery website.

Thematic Text with interactive HTML5 Slider

Thematic text images -Click to HTML5 page

Thematic text images – finished Click to HTML5 page

It’s a  a thematic text I made, I used Leopard-Coat-Fur texture to do this fur-themed text effect. I have never known it can be so easy to make a text effect like this until I learned this tutorial. I like the texture I found and the extreme simple brushes polished the edges have made the texture more naturalistic.


A web page using Photoshop and Dreamweaver

A web page using Photoshop and Dreamweaver


I made a Dog Ville shopping web page using Photoshop slicing tool to seperate images into several areas, and exported them all to Dreamwaver to put together. In this way, I can handle most of the designs in Photoshop. I like the images that I made, the colors turned out really bright and the dog is very vivid behind the cardboard. I love the way it turned out really well.

A 4 page web site using a Content Management System

Click here go to the web site: https://sandyshihtingnewman.wordpress.com/

This weekend, I was sitting at my desk with my laptop in order to build up a web site in wordpress. I was hatching ideas for the web site using a Content Management System. I noticed that wordpress is just another blog system. (Although wordpress has much better appearance by using different theme.)

Next thing I knew, I had category function set up in pages so I could use it to classify my different art works. Which got me thinking, I am going to make a portfolio on wordprss.

Creating an email newsletter

So this week, I was doing an E-mail newsletter layout. By using the three images and text supplied, the layout was totally made with  table-based html in Dreamwaver. As soon as I finished, I mailed it out with my Google mail box. I am a liitle anxious about how much design that I may plan to add inside of this assignment, I wonder how my classmates will do.

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