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Designs for a playing card game

Aug 10, 2018 | Graphic Design | 0 comments

I started thinking about what we had learned lately in the class. The point is, what kind of theme I can put on this playing card design. I settled my mind on the wall or something like fence, bushes… etc. For hours, I google the web, and one of the image called Geometry Shape Bushes caught my eyes.
There are four cards design to make a game: Wall, Reinforcement, Damage Section and the Card Back design. So in my mind, there is an easy direction to follow with, garden scissor as the damage, and fertilizer as a reinforcement.
I started with a bush image I found on the web, and I stamped those leaves to fill up a rectangle shape bush. I created a simple shadow under the bush to make it more stereoscopic. And I finished the four designs in sequence by then. The most interesting part is making the card back design, I recall the thematic text assignment I did before. Instead of the fur brush I used the bush brush to create the design.
Overall, I like my game card design, I hope it will turn out well after printing.

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