Resource for 3D Illustration Libraries

Resource for 3D Illustration Libraries

Using tools such as Cinema 4D orBlender

Peter Tarka

As a reference guide, here is a list of 3D illustration libraries that you can use as a starting point for your work.

















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The References For Website design

The References For Website design

It is often found that I can keep myself inspired by the references I find on websites.


Awwwards from Spain started in 2009, is now the world’s largest and most iconic website design awards. The information on this website is very multifaceted, so it’s great for designers, engineers, advertisers, and companies of any level.

Since 2000, it has focused on Flash website design. It originated in the UK contains works that are obviously “high-tech”. The award-winning works on this website must have 3D special effects, particle special effects, and forward-looking practices to qualify.

“Information form” websites are usually easy to read. Sites like this don’t use too many animated special effects or layouts that are too complicated or too innovative. The selected works represent the excellent taste and standard and average type, which is ideal for commercial websites.


The award is a French FDI award. Similar to SiteInspire, it offers read-friendly “information format” websites, and its selected works are of good taste and standard-type material. The works here will be more innovative and lively, that is, between Awwwards and SiteInspire, between innovation and stability.


On this platform, you can see websites that are just plain awesome. It’s a Japanese website design collection. It’s a good place to start. The website has a full classification, and you can find references based on the classification.


 It’s a Japanese website design collection. Despite the “selection of works, platform interface” in the platform, it is currently seen that the relevant Japanese platforms are doing well. On this platform, you can see websites that are just plain awesome.


S5 and Muuuuu are quite similar, and the content will contain many Japanese works, and it is a very high-level platform for “selection of works and platform interface”.The difference is that this website has a submission mechanism and a “favorites” function as well!


Dribble is an early design inspiration website that includes “color selection search”, “UX color inspiration”, “UI design practices” and “UI dynamic special effects ideas”.The “UI dynamic effects” here do not consider the actual possibility. Therefore, it is very creative


This website collection UI interface, the search Filter function on the left side is a huge help and highly recommended.


It’s a selection website for 2009 that features Daily Website WOTD, Month Website WOTM, Annual Website WOTY”. Occasionally there will be work that differs from other awards, which can be regarded as a reference resource.


Pinterest is the best place to get design ideas. Type web design or graphic design in the search field to get design inspiration. Click the pin feature to save design inspiration.


99 design provides web design solutions by professionals and those who won the 99 design web design contest.


Inspiration for web design can be found on ThemeForest. There is an online marketplace called Themeforest that sells WordPress design templates from around the world.


This website provides illustrations, illustrations, and logos for web design designers. I use this website to look for inspiration when I want to create logos, vector designs, and illustrations. 


It’s easy to find tons of web design inspiration on Behance’s web design discover page. I can specify timeframes, popularity, and/or location when searching.


In addition to providing a source of website design inspiration, the best website design provides updates on the design of the day provided by the best website design.


The CSS Design Awards honors websites designed by freelance web designers, agencies, and studios. You can find inspiration for the best websites through CSS design awards.


The web is full of human-curated content and design inspiration. A three-stage curation process that includes hand-picked experts brings out the best content.


In Abduzeedo, you can find a steady supply of design inspiration on a daily basis – ensuring that you are always staying updated on web design trends today


These navigations are big enough that it is impossible to miss them. I like the background image and think it will look great in a seafood restaurant.


This landing page features spray-out navigation. Clicking on the menu is easy with its enormous size.


I think the idea of a huge background with a depth of field gives a lot of imagination to the whole look and feel of the website. Middle navigation is also a creative option.

How do I build a website with a little help?

How do I build a website with a little help?

Wow Carousel | Divi Carousel | The Best Divi Carousel Plugin

The coding hassle makes creating a website challenging. When designers first think of building their own websites from scratch, it can seem somewhat daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. A basic website can be created very easily with the various drag-and-drop tools, as long as you know where to look.


A good landing page I would build a strong message to explain the value of the product or company. That is why several strong images present on the sliders and carousels should be in clear and concise terms. The built-in plugin would be very useful for dragging and dropping the predesigned graphic into the slider.

Plugins that will help me build a carousel quickly and easily are what I am seeking. As soon as I saw Wow Carousel, I knew that was the game for me. Installing the plugin made it very easy. Updates are also made to the plugin regularly. There are no coding requirements for the plugin to be mobile-friendly and responsive so that it will work on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


My website building was a lot easier thanks to the plugin. As a graphic designer, I can create many of the visual effects I plan to have on the site. A really valuable investment in the program is that it comes with 12 modules. Unlimited Sites gives you lifetime access to the service, which I use on all my client’s sites as needed.

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